Abigailsong on BalconyTV Dublin

BALCONYTV.COM 27/01/2007
Abigail Song is an Irish woman on a mission to get songs from her insides out to the outside. A melody will appear in a dream and be on her lips in the morning. Picking up the mic she will repeat it so that these songs from another place can be heard by all. Often an emotion is stirred by a mundane event or occurrence in daily life. These emotions are then translated into a song or a piece of music. She has played inside other people’s music for years and now her own volume is louder than the rest so she has to even it out again. Abigail has learnt so much from all her teachers and from everyone she has interacted with. She hopes that her expressions help other people to find their own voices too. Music is a wonderful medium which bypasses language and superficiality. It allows all that is wondrous and beautiful to shine through.

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