Fall into Silence now available on iTunes

‘Whispers to you the secrets hidden from our view, the artist knows the wonder this moment holds’

albumcoverI was fascinated with the storyteller cassette tapes as a child. The music enhanced the stories and fired my imagination. I wrote this song cycle with this idea in mind. I tried to create a work that ignites the listener’s imagination as mine was. The work tells the story of creativity and the different art forms: music, dance, visual art and the written word. This story is about the struggle to remember our creativity. Creativity is looking for us to work through. We forget to open ourselves to her as we grow up. She calls on the different art forms, nature and childhood spirit to help. Each is a a character in the story.

The song Something More To This Life illustrates the negative voice that hinders our connection to creativity. The Voice of Silence ‘whispers to you the secrets hidden from our view’ This voice of inspiration connects all the songs. All art forms come from the same place. The overall theme of the story is the journey to this place. It is a safe place and can be hard to access sometimes but we can all go there.

I hope this album brings you on this journey also. Thank you for listening.

This album can be downloaded from iTunes or if you come along to the album launch on 21st February 2015 in The Bello Bar you can pick up a copy there. Better yet book your ticket beforehand and receive a complimentary copy.

Fall into Silence is presented with funding from the Arts Council Music Recording Scheme, managed by Music Network.

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