Journaling, Sound bath session.

Journaling to become open to creativity

I read The Artists Way by Julia Cameron after I left college. I found it to be a truly inspiring book. I still use the morning pages tool although at the moment they often end up being afternoon pages while the twins sleep.

What are the morning pages?

It is an exercise of writing three pages of whatever comes out and it must be a pen on paper. Somehow it helps to bypass the critical voice of the mind and helps to connect to the deeper part of who we are. I often notice my hand holding the pen and I feel more aware of the present moment. Thoughts quieten. Putting all the worries down on the page help the worries to disappear. It also helps to just get the words out without criticism. This helps with lyric writing and writing in general. It always amazes me how vast the imagination is and when we create spaces to tap into it, it is always there waiting. I also find with the morning pages that my own best friend is there ready to help me and cheer me on. I realise that I can in fact support myself through tough times or feelings. It works every time.

Wait and see what arrives with your song writing

This is something that I do with song writing. The melodies somehow just arrive and I have to just sit back, get out of the way and record the idea. I would like to start doing this with words too. After I left college I felt a bit lost as most people do. The Artist Way helped so much at that time. When do we ever feel found? Or maybe we are meant to be lost and we find ourselves by stripping back everything that is not really true to who we are. Then we find the person we always were. Already perfect and not needing anything extra. No achievements, no success, no pressure. Just being in the moment and content.


Sound Bath- Group Healing

Seeds of an idea. Photo by Abigail Smith

I went to a group sound bath session two days ago and I couldn’t recommend it more. I loved it. I think it did raise some feelings that I can’t put my finger on but I think that is good.

The sound bath session

In the group session Laura, the sound healer had set up yoga mats for us all to lie on. We could put cushions under our heads and bolsters under our legs. We lay back and closed our eyes. Laura began by guiding us to relax and setting an intention for ourselves. When the sounds began each one was a revelation. I could feel the vibrations in my body. She also placed the singing bowls on my stomach and beside my ears. The vibrations really did go through my body from my head to my toes. I had many visions throughout the session. Really positive images and I felt happy and clear in my mind.

How did the sound bath session make me feel?

After the session I cycled home through the park and the sun was setting. The light was beautiful. I felt relaxed and contented. I don’t know exactly what happened but I know I felt present during and after the session. If you get the opportunity to try a sound bath go for it. It is a wonderful experience. It can be very emotional. Sounds are a primordial experience linking the listener to past memories and also helps to bring a sense of peace to the present moment.

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