Oxjam 17 October

This was a great gig. Oxjam is an initiative run by Oxfam to raise money and awareness for their causes. Many of the gigs in this month long festival take place in Oxfam shops so it is also a way to attract folk into the shops that may not have previously visited. So Abigail and her band played to a very select audience in the very unusual setting of Oxfam Bookstore on Parliament Street. Did the books add a special sound? It’s hard to tell with the iPhone video but it sounded great on the day. Here Abigail and the band perform Listen and you will hear from her first album Night Time Walking. Performing with Abigail are Niamh Loughran, GrĂ¡inne Deery, Lioba Petrie, Andrew Cooke and Andrew Clarke. All proceeds from the gig went directly to Oxfam.

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