“Sounds like Kate Bush and Bjork had a love-child with Schubert and the Cocteau Twins”


Launch Party at BELLO BAR, 1 Portobello Harbour, Dublin 2

FEBRUARY 21st doors at 8pm

Tickets €10.00 + €1.35 booking fee

Book online to receive a free album at the launch

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Irish singer and composer Abigail Smith celebrates the launch of her new album Fall into Silence. She will perform her new compositions at Bello Bar on February 21st 2015. She will be joined on stage by Sue Rynhart on backing vocals, Grainne Deery on piano, Niamh Loughran and Sarah Picardo on violins, Lioba Petrie on cello, Maeve Sheil on double bass and Bryan O’Connell on drums. Fall into Silence is presented with funding from the Arts Council Music Recording Scheme, managed by Music Network. Pianos Plus have sponsored the use of a piano for the performance.

Fall into Silence is Abigail’s second album of her own compositions. Abigail was fascinated with the storyteller cassette tapes as a child. The music enhanced the stories and fired her imagination. This childhood memory inspired this work and she wrote Fall into Silence with this idea in mind. Abigail describes her album, ‘I wanted to create a work that ignites the listeners imagination as mine was. Fall into Silence tells the story of creativity and the different art forms: music, dance, visual art and the written word. This work is about the struggle to remember our connection to our creativity.’

“Whispers to you the secrets hidden from our view, the artist knows the wonder this moment holds” from the song The Artist Paints by Abigail Smith. The album was produced by Kieran Lynch of Smalltone Productions.

What the critics said about Night Time Walking, Abigail’s debut album:

“Sounds like Kate Bush and Bjork had a love-child with Schubert and the Cocteau Twins”

Cormac Larkin, The Sunday Tribune.


“A thing of rare beauty indeed. It is to be tracked down and devoured immediately….”

Derek O’Connor, Image Magazine.


Listen to the album, Fall into Silence, on Spotify. Find previous releases.

Abigail Smith – Fall Into Silence





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