Splanc spréagúla: Abigail performs 2 tracks live on national radio

In all the recent excitement I didn’t get an opportunity to post Abigail performing live on national radio on Splanc Newstalk the night before her recent album launch. What better time than Seachtain na Gaeilge!


Abigail performed two tracks live on national radio on Splanc, Neswtalk FM’s Irish Language programme. At about 50 mins in the player below you will hear Abigail perform her single The Gift of You (Pink Ribbons)  accompanied by Gráinne Deery on piano and Lioba Petrie on cello (pictured above). There is a short interview (in English!) followed by a live performance of Human of the Earth.

The album is currently available hard copy in Dublin in Claddagh Records and Tower Records or you can download on iTunes or listen on Spotify. (Or click through the Listen link above to use our embedded players!)

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